Benefit Recitals

Students of all ages enjoy performing music outside the standard classical repertoire. The intention is to showcase soloists and ensembles playing light music, such as show tunes, jazz, popular, contemporary and original arrangements. Music that is not jazz, pop, etc. should fit the theme of the recital (e.g., Mendelssohn’s Spring Song).

Both solo repertoire and ensemble music are welcome.  Ensemble members may include the student’s teacher, parent, sibling and another piano student or instrumentalist.   Memorization is not required, but pieces should be well-prepared and performance ready.  Students may perform more than one piece.  However, there is a 5 minute limit per student (or ensemble.

The Foundation reserves the right to review selections.  Any questions about repertoire should be directed to the chairperson for the recital.

There is a $15 nonrefundable entry fee per student performer ($10 is tax deductible).  Application checks should come from the parent, not the teacher.  Only the person writing the check is eligible for the tax deduction.  In an ensemble, each performer should submit a check for $15 (except teachers who are accompanying students).

A Spring Fling and Halloween Hoot Recital are held each year with registration forms available one to two months prior to a recital.  Rosters usually fill quickly for these programs, so it’s important to enroll promptly.

Click here for Spring Fling dates and information

Click here for Halloween Hoot dates and information

Piano Solo Application Form (can be used for either recital)

Piano Ensemble Application Form (can be used for either recital)

Because this is a benefit recital to support music students in our community, contributions in excess of the registration fee are always welcome!

While both recitals are free for audience members, donations are greatly appreciated and will be accepted at the door.

*Please Note: All piano students must currently be studying with a member of the AAAPTG to be eligible to participate in the Spring Fling and Halloween Hoot Recitals.